KLTCC 2015 — Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is KLTCC 2015?
    KLTCC 2015 is Kuala Lumpur Trade & Copyright Centre 2015, an event unlike any other where a dynamically planned 3-day publishing and digital convergence of intellectual properties (IPs) trade of creative opportunities delivered via a one-stop market event, festival, showcase, business matching, conference, masterclass, as well as networking receptions.

  2. When and where will KLTCC 2015 take place?
    KLTCC will be held on 19th to 21st April 2015 at Seri Pacific Hotel, PWTC Kuala Lumpur.

  3. What is the objective of KLTCC 2015?
    KLTCC 2015 aims to enrich the publishing industry by aligning with the wider experience of creative industries, such as e-Books, Animation, Games, Digital Comics, Feature Films and others, to define new valued opportunities and businesses in a broader context of digital convergence. As to the CEO of Kota Buku, Sayed Munawar Sayed Mohd Mustar recapped, “The effort to position Malaysia as the premier marketing hub for publishing and creative content in the region is a manifestation of the Government’s desire to develop the publishing and digital media industry as a means of generating employment opportunities for the people in addition to promoting IPs and wealth creation.”

  4. Who should participate in KLTCC 2015 and why?
    A myriad of prominent industry professionals such as publishers, licensors, investors and content creators should participate in KLTCC 2015 so they can discover, embrace and acquire some of the best opportunities, ideas, stories, scripts, license, contents and deals emerging from the heretofore fragmented Asian market, especially the ASEAN region.

  5. How will the buyers and sellers meet each other at KLTCC 2015?
    There are several different ways for the buyers and sellers meet each other at KLTCC 2015 such as Business Matching Program, networking reception and conferences among others.

  6. What are the types of Intellectual Properties (IPs) that will be traded at KLTCC 2015?
    Among the IPs that will be traded at KLTCC 2015 are:
         •  Activity Books
         •  Animation & Character Tie-Ins
         •  Art
         •  Audio Books
         •  Biographies
         •  Children’s & Juvenile Literature
         •  Comics / Digital Comics
         •  Decal/Transfers
         •  Dictionaries
         •  Education
         •  Educational Software
         •  Encyclopedias
         •  Entertainment
         •  Fairy Tales
         •  Fictions
         •  Feature Films
         •  Games

  7. Who are the “sellers” at KLTCC 2015?
    The sellers at KLTCC 2015 will include:
         •  Authors/Editors/Translators
         •  Illustrators/Creators
         •  Literary Agents
         •  Character, Animation & Games Producers
         •  Licensors & Licensees
         •  Comics Producers
         •  Educational & eLearning Developers

  8. Who are the registered buyers that will attend the KLTCC 2015?
    There are several different buyers that will attend the KLTCC 2015 including:
         •  Publishers
         •  Broadcasters
         •  Licensors
         •  Licensing Agency
         •  Retailers
         •  Distributors (Acquisition)
         •  Investors / Venture Capitalists
         •  Animation, TV & Feature Film Directors

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